Park safely with KERB

Your safety is our highest priority. Here are a few ways you can make sure you park safely with KERB. 

A screenshot of KERB's search options

Search & book with confidence

Get exactly what you are looking for by taking advantage of our many search filters and detailed descriptions. Book with KERB and you will know exactly what the bay looks like, when the bay is available, the size of the bay, and where the bay is located.

A screenshot of a parking space on KERB

Review owner profiles & ratings

Everyone on KERB has a profile to help owners, operators and users to get to know each other. To park safely with KERB or to add a bay on KERB, you will be required to provide your name, email address and phone number. Some bays will even require you to provide personal identification, vehicle identification or documentation prior to parking.

You can review an owner or operators ratings by clicking on their profile. The higher the heart rating, the more good experiences other users have had.

A screenshot of the messaging function in KERB

Get your questions answered​

Speak to an owner or operator and ask questions about a bay ahead of time with KERB’s secure messaging tool. Use this tool to coordinate access with an owner or get support from an operator. 

A screenshot of the KERB app and its payment providers, MasterCard, Visa and GrabPay

Always communicate & pay on KERB​​

Keep yourself, your payment and your personal information protected by staying on our secure platform throughout the entire process—from communication, to booking and payment. You should never be asked to transfer money, provide credit card information or otherwise pay an owner or operator directly. If you are, please report it to us immediately.

A screenshot of a booking card on KERB

Do a safety check​

When parking safely with KERB, take your valuables with you, close your vehicle’s windows, turn off your lights and lock your vehicle. We also suggest that you have the KERB app on your phone so that you always know exactly where your vehicle is parked.

A picture of a KERB employee who can help you park safely

We are here to help you park safely!

Our global team is standing by if you need us. 

Just reach out if there’s anything you need.