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KERB’s work culture starts with its founders (and the passion and conviction with which they conduct their careers) and flows down through every single staff member on the KERB team.
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We celebrate diversity

At KERB, there is no room for any form of discrimination. We have ZERO tolerance for bullying, racism, sexism, homophobia, or ageism. You will be surrounded by inspiring colleagues of all races, genders, religions, and orientations. THIS is what makes KERB a wonderful place to work.

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We work and play hard

At KERB, we work hard, but we also play hard. We celebrate our team and the events surrounding them. This includes birthdays, weddings, births, KERB successes, national holidays, and more.

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We are surrounded by great people

We value great people over great credentials, and we urge the KERB team to apply their experience and knowledge in creative ways, to drive KERB into the future.

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We move fast and efficiently

KERB is a supportive place to work, but we do not ‘carry’ people. KERB team members think for themselves and work together, but never do the work of others.

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We are innovative

We are constantly testing new strategies and tactics to discover  “What works best – and where?”. Whether you are a software engineer or a marketer (no matter your field, role or experience), KERB will challenge your assumptions and encourage you to think outside the box.

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We are great communicators

KERB team members are located in many different parts of the world and good communication is key to KERB’s success. Whether internally or externally, we are effective and articulate communicators.

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We are courageous

We stand up for what we believe and we don’t compromise just because it is an easier path to take. We encourage your opinion – even if it’s controversial. Smart risk-taking is part of our culture.

drawing of 3 people helping each other climb rocks.

We are team players

At KERB, you will never be asked to do a job that a senior team member wouldn’t do. We are all in this together. In fact, even KERB’s founders still help out with some of the most basic tasks!

Current Positions

Do you want to join the KERB team, but can’t see a position that fits your skillset? Connect with us on LinkedIn to stay up to date! Or send your resume to and don’t forget to sign up