Owner & Operator Safety
with KERB

Your safety is our highest priority. Here are a few ways you can make sure your customers park safely with KERB.

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Check out user profiles & rating

Everyone on KERB has a profile to help owners, operators and users park safely. To park safely with KERB or add a bay on KERB, you will be required to provide your name, email address and phone number. Some bays even require you to provide personal identification, vehicle identification or documentation prior to parking.

You can review user ratings by clicking on their profile. The higher the heart rating, the more good experiences other owners and operators have had.

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Communicate with your parkers directly

KERB’s secure messaging tool lets you speak to a user ahead of time and coordinate access to your bay or car park. 

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Always communicate & pay on KERB

Keep yourself, your payment and your personal information protected by staying on our secure platform throughout the entire process—from communication, to booking and payment. You should never ask a user to transfer money, provide credit card information or otherwise pay you directly.

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Update your availability

Always ensure that your bay is available at the confirmed booking time. KERB will send you a reminder before your booking starts, however, KERB takes no responsibility for you receiving or reading the reminder notifications. Once you have confirmed a booking through the KERB app or website, it is your responsibility to ensure that the parking space you have leased is available at the designated time.

Drawing of a person reading terms and conditions

Add special access instructions

Users like to know exactly where they are parking and how to access your parking space. Special access instructions give your users peace of mind and mean that a user can gain access to your parking space without messaging you. KERB takes no responsibility for your failure to provide access details to the user. KERB strongly suggests that you provide specific access instructions in the ‘Special Instructions’ section of the listing form. This information is only viewable by the user, once you have accepted a booking request. 

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Always be courteous

Please be courteous to KERB users at all times. KERB user may be late arriving at your parking space, due to factors – specifically traffic – which are out of their control. If you are unable to wait for a user to arrive, and need to be physically present in order to provide access to your parking space, please message the user directly via the KERB app or website.

A drawing of a parking space being cleaned

Be clean & stay COVID-Safe

Parking spaces are traditionally dark and dirty places, but they are not on KERB. Make sure your bay is presented in real-life, as it is in the photos. A sweep and quick tidy goes a long way!

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We are here to help!

Our global team is standing by if you need us. 

Just reach out if there’s anything you need.