Frequently Asked Questions


To book a space, simply, follow the below steps;
  • Open your KERB app or download the KERB app and register if you haven’t already
  • Click on “Find a space” and enter the desired address/area
  • Move around the map and find a parking space
  • Click on the map marker
  • Select the dates you wish to book
  • Enter your licence plate number
  • Pay with your Visa or Mastercard and click on ‘Complete booking’
  • Contact the space owner whenever you need via the KERB app

We are sorry you had to experience this. 

Please contact the space owner via the KERB app messages or email or call the space owner if they give you their contact details.

Open your KERB app, find your booking request and click on the ‘Message’ icon.

You can only contact the space owner after you’ve made your booking request. Otherwise, please get in touch with the support team at justask@kerb.works.

  1. Go to www.kerb.works
  2. Click on ‘Contact Us’
  3. Select support category
  4. Fill out the form.

Alternatively email us at justask@kerb.works.

We’re sorry to see you go. Yes, you may delete your account.

Simply open your KERB app, click on ‘Delete my account’ and click on ‘Confirm

Yes, you may. However, this is only available for Daily and Hourly bookings, and the invoice for the subscription will be available soon. 

  • Open your KERB app
  • Select a booking
  • Click on the ‘3 dots’ located underneath your booking
  • Click on ‘Invoice’

Yes – if it complies with our Cancellation Policy and the space owner agrees to cancel your bookings. 

If you need to reset your password, open your KERB app, click on ‘My KERB’, click on ‘Help’ and click on ‘Reset password’.

Or click on this link https://kerb.works/forgot-password or copy and paste it into your browser.

  1. Add your vehicle’s details
  2. Open your KERB app
  3. Click on ‘My KERB’
  4. Click on ‘Change your vehicle documents’
  5. Click ‘Add’- (next to ‘Vehicles Details).

If you have more than one vehicle, add your additional vehicles and set the one you use most frequently as your default vehicle.

Upload your Driver’s license; Open your KERB app > Click on ‘My KERB’ > Click on ‘Change your vehicle documents’ > Click ‘Add’ (next to ‘Documents.)

You can book parking hourly, for several days, weekly, and even monthly.

You can add/change your payment details at the point of booking or in your KERB Profile. Open your KERB app > Click on ‘Change your credit card’ > Enter your car details > Click ‘Save’

KERB will process the refund immediately after receiving the request. However, it depends on your bank, and it may take 5-10 working days to transfer the refund.

Yes – if it complies with our Refund Policy and the space owner agrees to refund your bookings. 

The “Open gate” button will not appear until the date and time of your booking. If you have an active booking that starts now, you may refresh your KERB app or log out and back in. 

Yes, you may terminate a subscription anytime in the Bookings tab. Once a subscription has been terminated, you can continue to park until the day before your next payment is due. For example, if you booked a monthly subscription on August 7 and terminated your subscription on August 31, you can continue parking until September 6.

Ensure that you are using the email address that you registered on KERB.

If you need to reset your password,

  1. Open your KERB app
  2. Click on ‘My KERB’
  3. Click on ‘Help’
  4. Click on ‘Reset password’

Please check your internet connection or log out and log back into your KERB account.

This can be caused if your phone’s memory is full. Could you try to clear some space? If the app still shutting down, delete and re-install the app.

While you have paid for the entire subscription, you should still be able to open the gate or park until the end of your subscription. You may re-subscribe anytime you like.

Unfortunately, your booking request was not responded to before the start date and time. You may find other parking spaces on the KERB app and make another booking request.

This means that the parking space may not be available on the date/s you booked. You may check your KERB app messages to see if the space owner left a message for you.

Some car parks on KERB use license plate recognition cameras. This allows you to enter and exit without touching your phone. It also allows the space owner to monitor their car park. 

Sometimes you can’t help but run late – however, if you think you are going to be late to move your car, you must try and extend your booking in advance. This is critical because another driver may have secured the spot and be waiting to park, or the space owner may be planning on returning home. 

If you overstay, the driver or the space owner may ‘Report an Incident,’ and you may be charged an extra fee.

Some monthly parking spaces may instantly be available for booking, while others may require pre-approval from the space owner. 

If you booked a spot that requires the owner’s approval, the owner would have 24-48 hours to accept your booking request. Once accepted, you will be charged for the first month of the subscription or the entire booking duration if it is daily parking. 

The instant booking allows parkers to book and drive into your space ‘right now.’ It automatically approves all booking requests. You should only enable instant booking if you can support parkers driving into the space immediately without contacting you.

You can find more parking locations on the KERB app all over the city. Just go to Find a space and take a look at the map. To list your space – and make money.

Adding your payment details lets, you quickly pay and enter/exit the car park—the payment provider stores all KERB payment data (e.g., Stripe or GrabPay). KERB does not know your payment details, making it a very safe way to pay.

Yes, all drivers automatically receive a receipt/invoice sent by KERB to registered email addresses.

Space Owners

All KERB users have been verified; all booking requests are pre-authorized and accepted automatically. However, you have the option to decline and or instantly approve booking requests. Please look at the FAQ ‘What’s the difference between an instant booking and one that requires pre-approval?

Some monthly parking spaces may instantly be available for booking, while others may require pre-approval from the space owner. 

Pre-approval bookings, you have 24-48 hours to accept booking requests. Once approved, the driver will be charged for the first month of the subscription or the entire booking duration if it is daily parking. However, if you missed approving the booking request, it will expire, and the driver will need to make another booking request.

The instant booking allows parkers to book and drive into your space ‘right now.’ It automatically approves all booking requests. You should only enable instant booking if you can support parkers driving into the space immediately without contacting you.

Yes. Please note, however, that by leasing a parking space on KERB, you agree to the Terms of Service. Specifically, you acknowledge that you are legally entitled to lease any parking space(s) that you list on the KERB app or website. You can only lease parking spaces that you are legally allowed to lease.

KERB automatically takes payment and manages your payout. We automatically transfer parking fees (minus KERB’s transaction fee) to your bank account or chosen eWallet, within (2) business days of a booking’s start date. 

Please consider the location, the state of your parking space, and the pricing rate in your area and come up with a competitive price. We can provide recommendations on optimizing the pricing of your parking space; please email us at justask@kerb.works.

If your space is available for casual booking, you can just set a price for Daily or Hourly. You may set it to Weekly or Monthly subscriptions if you want long-term. 

There is no cost to list your private parking space or a whole car park on KERB.

KERB collects the vehicle plate numbers of all users upon making a booking request. You may see who is parking now by:

  • Opening your KERB app
  • Clicking on ‘Manage space(s)’
  • Clicking on ‘Vehicles’

You can approve a booking request through email or by responding ‘YES’ to the SMS we sent you.

However, the EASIEST and FASTEST way to approve a booking request is via the KERB app.

Open your KERB app >  Click on ‘Manage my space/s’ > Click on the ‘Bookings’ tab to review the booking request > Click on Approve’.

With KERB, you can list your space at home or work to others while you aren’t using it. Once you list your space on KERB, you can relax! KERB automatically takes payment and manages your space availability. If you need to message users or edit your availability, you can do this on our website!

You may list private parking space/s in just a few clicks. 

  1. Go to www.kerb.works or download the KERB app via the App store or Google Play
  2. Create your KERB account
  3. Create a listing for your available space, whether that be an empty driveway, a garage, part of your garden, a car park, an airport, or even a store frontage
  4. Add your payout details


You’re all set! 

No. Your acceptance of KERB’s Terms of Service and, by extension, your usage of KERB’s parking software system, indemnifies KERB against any damage to a property, parking space or nearby vehicle, while a user is parked in a space they rented through the KERB platform. We strongly advise you to have property or vehicle insurance before you start using the KERB app.

When a parker books a space on KERB, provided the booking is approved, the parker is automatically sent any ‘Special Instructions’ you provided when you listed your parking space. These ‘Special Instructions’ (which might include details such as a building access code, a hiding place for a key, or a password to give to a security guard) are only visible to the person who has booked your parking space. They are not visible to the general public.


Yes. You can deactivate your account at any time. However, if you have an active booking on a parking space you have listed on KERB, you will not be able to deactivate your account until that booking is finished. If you cancel a booking prematurely, the relevant cancellation fees – as stated in KERB’s Terms of Service – will apply.

KERB is localized for 600 cities around the world, which means that most big cities are listed on KERB. If your city is not listed on KERB, you can still use KERB, but you won’t see the photos of your specific city. Instead, you will see photos of the nearest biggest city in your country.

Yes, you can. Simply send an email to noSMS@kerb.works. Note, however, that notifications are an important part of using the KERB service. KERB takes no responsibility for messages and notifications you did not receive, if you have switched off SMS/text notifications.

Please send an email to JustAsk@kerb.works. A KERB Customer Success Manager will get back to you within a few hours.

Please send your email to privacy@kerb.works. A KERB Customer Success Manager will get back to you within a few hours.

You may find the version of your KERB app, by following the below steps;

  1. Open your KERB app.
  2. Click on the “My KERB” tab.
  3. Scroll down to the bottom and click on “Help”.
  4. Find “Rate the KERB app”, across that, it’s the version of the app written in small texts.

Access Solutions

Yes, KERB can be configured to close a gate, for example via a timer. We assume there is a close loop ground sensor or a timer that shuts the gate by default, more configuration is required to have KERB close the gate.

If the gate controller has a separate close gate connection point please wire it to the secondary relay and advise us to pulse the secondary relay to close the gate at the end of the timer. If the gate uses the same contact point for open and close please advise us to pulse the primary relay again when the timer runs out.

Please specify an appropriate timer length for the car park and gate you’re installing KERB Access Solutions to at support@kerb.works or your gate install contact so that we can configure the box for this scenario.

Yes, some gates require a relay pulse of a specific length to trigger their open function. Please contact support@kerb.works or your gate install contact to configure a custom pulse length for your box.

KERB allows drivers to add several vehicle registration numbers to their KERB profile. A driver simply selects the vehicle they are driving in the ‘My KERB’ section of the app.

KERB can add time restrictions to the entry gates to stop drivers entering consecutively using the KERB “Open Gate” button. All gate opens are logged and traceable back to individual drivers to allow space owners to pursue their preferred enforcement path. Drivers who try to abuse the system can be removed from KERB.

Yes, KERB can easily handle a high volume of bookings and KERB continues to make hardware and software optimisations to make the drive-in experience faster and more seamless than other forms of access control. If your car park has a high volume, we suggest using KERB’s AI Camera Solution!

This rarely happens, as most people have their phone with them most of the time. If a driver got stuck at a gate because their phone had no battery, they could enter/exit your car park via the ‘Help’ button. An on-site security guard, car park attendant or remote control centre could open the gate remotely for the parker.

Car park staff will need to manually open the gate, as they would with your existing car park systems.