Marmot Basin

At A Glance

Located in the breathtaking, vast and ruggedly mountainous landscape of the Canadian Rocky Mountains, Jasper National Park is a destination that inspires lasting memories. At Marmot Basin, you will find 91 marked trails to enjoy without the crowds you find at other resorts.

Jasper itself is just 20 kilometres north and is a friendly place to visit after hitting the slopes!

Location Marmot Basin, Jasper, Alberta
# of Bays 40
Product Offering Pre-booked VIP Parking near the entrance

All Day Parking

$19.99 Weekdays

$24.99 Weekends

Start Date December 2022


Marmot Basin was looking for a way to monetize its car park during the ski season without impacting its customer experience. Most parking solutions are expensive to set up and require people or hardware that often breaks down in extreme weather conditions. Paid parking can also result in customer backlash, so it was important that the solution could be rolled out gradually.

KERB's Solution

KERB allows customers to pre-book daily parking in a conveniently located VIP zone. Anyone planning to visit Marmot Basin can download the KERB app or visit the website to book parking in advance. If a customer arrives and there are bays available in the VIP zone, they can also scan a QR code on the sign to pay for their parking.

Marmot Basin staff have full visibility of who is parking with the KERB Attendant Tool and they can track their total earnings with daily reports.

Customers love KERB because they no longer need to:

  • Arrive early to secure a parking space.
  • Carry their equipment through the car park.
Marmot Basin App Screenshot

Customer Feedback


Good idea! If you’re coming all the way from the city it’ll be a nice piece of mind knowing there will be a spot for you to park.



🙌 No longer need to leave the house at 7am! Neat!



Love this. Booked out spot 33 for the whole season. Can’t wait to park my spreader there for the season. Getting a deal compared to what they charge me in other places.


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