About KERB

We are re-imagining urban mobility in the smart cities of tomorrow.​

KERB is a parking platform that caters to any vehicle, anywhere in the world.

KERB’s vision is to simplify parking for any type of vehicle, in any type of parking space, by leveraging smart technology and data. Once realised, this will deliver dramatic improvements to vehicular mobility, to a more sustainable urban environment, and to the lifestyle of citizens in the world’s major cities.

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The KERB app helps you find, book, pay for and access parking for any vehicle, in any city around the world. KERB is improving the parking experience for drivers and owners of cars, motorbikes, trucks, buses, boats and private jets. 

image of a car parked in KERB zone


For car park owners and operators, KERB is a software platform that turns any parking facility into a 21st-Century digital, hands-free, personalised parking experience – at almost zero cost. KERB works inside or alongside a building’s existing car park infrastructure while reducing CAPEX/OPEX costs. 

Localized for 600 cities in 20 languages

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