Why you should be using Airport Parking

I know, I know, you’re thinking, UBER/Taxi is the most convenient solution when driving to the airport. Well, here at KERB we are ready to burst your bubble and blow the book wide open on why Airport parking is the clear winner when it comes to getting to the airport. In fact, in our own humble opinion, driving yourself to the airport and using airport parking is top-tier organization.

Your travel experience starts not when you reach the airport but the second you leave the house. Now with that in mind think about whether you would prefer a simple straight forward drive in the comfort of your own car or have a potential 2-hour trip drag out to 10 hours when faced with surge charges, ride cancellations, public transport closures, and bad weather (unfortunately an exhausting true story)!

While the lists of reasons why you should choose airport parking are endless, this is of course a blog and we’ve got to keep it snappy. SO, we’ve whittled this list down to the top 6 MOST important reasons why driving your own car and using airport parking is king/queen of the travel experience.


Yes, UBER/taxis do follow standard regulations in regards to cleanliness, but there are a few things completely out of your control when you are not the one in control. You may very well not like the smell or the air freshener used, or the fragrance your driver loves to wear, or even the smell of their lunch from earlier that day. But you do know your car, you know where your car has been, and even if you find a few crumbs or stains or a random piece of gum, if that’s in YOUR car you are less likely to be grossed out than if it was that of a stranger (although we do highly recommend throwing your gum in the trash). Many airports do also have add-on options whilst you park with them as well. So whilst you fly, you could get your car freshly washed so it looks brand new and cleaner than ever on your return!,


The last thing many people want after or before a long day of travel filled with noise and chatter and crowded airports is to then have to continue on with more noise, chatter, and crowded spaces in another form of transport just to get home. If you are in a vehicle that is not your own, maybe the driver wants to have a chat or play their music or even take a phone call, all of which you can avoid by jumping into your own vehicle because you parked at the airport like a true genius. That moment of peace when you have finished a long day of travel is a key piece of the puzzle to unwinding after a journey or even preparing you for the journey ahead. It’s almost on par with the feeling of sleeping in your own bed after days away.


Safety, safety, safety! The last thing you want to do before a trip is worry about your safety. Unfortunately, when someone else drives you, you don’t have control over whether the driver will speed, the mood they are in, how tired they may be, or if we are safe in the end. This is a common concern for many people, especially for women when it comes to the safety of ridesharing. Riding in your own car is of course a major way you can avoid any possible risk, even if it is small. There is another caveat on safety if you don’t drive and park at the airport and that is of course the safety of your unattended vehicle if you are not able to leave it in a secure area for the duration of your trip. Parking in secure areas at an airport will protect your vehicle from people and acts of God (think hail the size of golf balls and falling trees)!



Now we know you’ve all experienced the moment you’ve gotten into a friend’s car and the radio is too loud, or the temperature is too low (or too high) or a friend has borrowed your car and you’ve gotten back into finding the seat position is off. Why are all these things just slightly frustrating you ask? Because we love COMFORT and our vehicles are set to our optimum comfort levels. Another way to make ourselves more comfortable ahead of a trip is to not have to worry about scheduling another person into your day and simply jumping into your own vehicle, and setting off to the airport where you already have your parking organized and ready to go!



Time is money, money is time, and if we can save money that is always the best option. Many people are unaware of just how affordable airport parking is. Compare it to how much you might spend on that rideshare to and from the airport or public transportation which can come with an extra fee for airport transfers and these costs add up, often unexpectedly as you aren’t counting them into your budget before you leave. If you plan before and park at an airport you start your trip knowing what this cost is, you will usually find a great deal when pre-booking and are not risking potential surge fees. All that money saved from a little extra research and organization can then be allocated to the budget of your trip!


In our fast-moving lives, the return from a trip doesn’t necessarily mean you will go straight home and have a rest. You might need to drop by the office, meet up with friends, pick up groceries or stop by the post office. All these tasks can be hard to do if you are relying on somebody else to collect you from the airport. HOWEVER, if you have planned ahead and used the ever convenient option of driving and using airport parking you now have the freedom to do the things you have to do, the time to do it, with no delays or detours, as slowly or as quickly as you desire. So instead of sitting in a taxi, hoping you will have the motivation to venture out again for the day once you arrive at the comfort of your home, you can make sure your trip is on your ideal timeline by utilizing the airport car park!

Now that you know that airport parking is the best choice you can make, the next time you fly make sure you check out the KERB website or download our app on Google Play or the App Store, for the best parking options. OR if you are an airport and are ready to revolutionize your parking experience check out our KERB for Airports solutions!

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