Content Policy

If you post content on the KERB platform, via the KERB website or KERB mobile app, you agree to be bound by KERB’s Content Policy. KERB reserves the right to remove any content that you post which violates this Content Policy or KERB’s Terms of Service.

If you see any content on KERB which you believe violates this Policy, please contact us at

1. Parking Space Listings and User Profiles

If you have a parking space that you are advertising on KERB, you must ensure that your parking space listing is accurate and honest and that any photos you include reflect the actual parking space you are leasing. KERB will not allow:

  • Any attempt to impersonate another person;
  • Content that we suspect is fraudulent, deceptive or misleading;
  • Content that belongs to another person and was not created by you;
  • Content that contains obscenities or profanities;
  • Content that is threatening or defamatory;
  • Content that contains religious or social remarks;
  • Content that contains advertising.

2. Reviews

The KERB community is built on trust. Users renting parking spaces through KERB are strongly encouraged to review their experience of parking in that space, and people leasing parking spaces are strongly encouraged to rate the experience of dealing with the people renting their spaces.

KERB prohibits:

  • Reviews that are not accurate or do not relate to the booking they pretend to represent;
  • Reviews that deliberately exaggerate – in a positive or negative way – the experience of renting or leasing a parking space through KERB;
  • Any attempts by leasers or renters to extort positive reviews;
  • Obscene, profane or abusive language in any reviews;
  • Advertising of third party services in any reviews.

We reserve the right to remove reviews immediately if we suspect they are a violation of our Content Policy.

How do reviews work?

KERB reviews are written by people who are leasing parking spaces through the KERB website or mobile app (“owners”), and by people who have rented a parking space through KERB (“users”). So any review that you on KERB has been written by someone who has leased or rented a parking space through KERB.

Reviews make your experience on KERB much more transparent: if you have a parking space to lease through KERB, you can see what other owners say about a user. If you are looking for a parking space to rent on KERB, you can see what other users say about their experience with renting that parking space.

How to write a review

As soon as your booking has finished, you will receive an email and/or text message from the KERB team asking you to write a review. We strongly encourage every person who rents or leases a parking space through KERB  to write a review. You can also write a review by going to My  Profile > Reviews > Reviews by You. Please do not include information in a review that personally identifies a KERB user or owner, such as a person’s address or last name.

How to edit a review

You can edit a review for up to 36 hours after the booking has finished, or until the other person has completed their review. Reviews are public, so please be careful to ensure they are accurate and fair. We reserve the right to remove reviews immediately if they violate KERB’s Content Policy.


People using the KERB platform can also rate their experience with a parking space owner by choosing thumbs up or thumbs down, with thumbs up being a good rating. The number displayed on a heart displayed with a user on KERB is an algorithmically adjusted version of the scores users have given for the person leasing that parking space.