Crazy Driving Rules from around the World!

Driving laws are very important, but did you know that all countries are different and some rules are really out there! Here are a few of the many crazy driving rules from around the world!

1. Door Slamming

In Switzerland, door-slamming of your car door is strictly prohibited. No sassy door slams here!

2. Check Under The Car

In Denmark, before you start your journey, driving rules require you to check under the car to make sure there isn’t a person underneath!

3. No Dirt Allowed

In Russia, it is an offense to have a dirty car and you can be fined for having mud or dirt on your vehicle. That’s an incentive to keep your car clean!

4. Puddle Splashing

In Japan, you receive a fine if you splash someone while driving past the pedestrian.

5. Cheers!

It is legal to drink beer while driving in Costa Rica!

6. Paying For Your...What?

When you park your car, you must pay a parking meter, but in Florida, you also must deposit money if you are tying up your elephant instead of a car!

7. Counting Sheep

If you have sheep in your truck in Montana, you are not permitted to leave them. You must always stay in your vehicle with them.

8. Turn Your Frown Upside Down

If you are pulled over by the police in New Jersey, it is against the rules to frown at a police officer.

9. Uneven Parking Numbers

In some Spanish cities, there are one-way streets and if you need to park, you must do so on the side where there are uneven numbers on the houses when it is uneven days of the month. The same applies to even numbers. So, make sure you check your calendar!

10. Monday Driving Blues

If your car number plate has a number one or two at the end, you legally cannot drive in Manila in the Philippines on a Monday.

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